TSS Junior Board

As the Chair, Dillon Johnson mainly serves as the primary architect and visionary by giving clarity to the team’s direction, ensuring the team is reaching the overall operation’s results.

As the VP of Finance, Meera Srinivasan‘s main duties include grant application, organizing finance decks, & approaching firms for contributions.

As the VP of External Affairs, Salar Afshar helps grow the club on an external level with our future mentors, donors & other clubs.

Brahim M.Leon Yushin, and Jasmine Gonzalez work together as a team to create, manage, & lead projects that empowers underserved youths with industry knowledge & financial literacy.

In the marketing team,  and Emily Sham work together to initiate marketing campaigns to attract unique talents and spread brand awareness.

In the Operations team, Preston ChanVera Wong, and Victor Abou-Serhal work together to oversee operation activities and establish crucial analytics.

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