Welcome to new TSS Board Director, Shinda Bickham

Welcome to new TSS Board Director, Shinda Bickham

Please read the following Press Release about our new board member.

Shinda Beckham of Aura.

NEWS RELEASE                                                        

For immediate release

Michael Campbell



We would like to welcome Shinda Bickham as our newest addition to the Board of Directors of The Street Smarts (TSS). Shinda is the Senior Director, Treasury & Capital Markets at Aura. At Aura he leads the Capital Markets team that is responsible for overseeing the development of long-term capital markets strategies and execution of their debt issuance program.

Prior to joining Aura, Shinda worked as the Head of Portfolio Management-MAS, Factor Based Strategies with BlackRock. He led a team of portfolio managers who were responsible for daily oversight of the firm’s systematic, macro facto and style factor suite of funds.

He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley.  In addition, he minored in Business Administration, Walter A. Haas School of Business. 

Welcome aboard, Shinda!

For questions regarding this or other programs by The Street Smarts, visit www.daronr20.sg-host.com or call 925-392-8233.

About The Street Smarts:

The Street Smarts (TSS) is an Oakland based nonprofit founded in June of 2016 aimed at introducing finance to groups of youth from historically underserved communities. Today, TSS offers services to students that include informational sessions on financial topics, on-site tours to financial and educational institutions, internship placement and more. For more information, visit www.daronr20.sg-host.com


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