LinkedIn visit in San Francisco

LinkedIn visit in San Francisco

Had an opportunity to take about 17 young men and women to visit LinkedIn on Monday. I have been there many times and I wanted to make sure that I brought folks that had not been there before. I think they enjoyed themselves. We started off in a conference room on the 21st floor and we ended on the balcony of the 17th floor.

When we were in the conference room we had a presentation from Jay Singh of LinkedIn. He taught the students about ways to properly use LinkedIn. He shared with them the importance of networking and using the profile as their resumes. He went through the various lines of business at LinkedIn and showed the Scholars the e-learning portion of the site. He was very informative.

Thanks to Jay Singh and Devin Banerjee from LinkedIn for showing us a great time. Devin was able to get The Street Smarts into the data base for matching donation funds with LinkedIn. He even put out a post on their intranet about supporting us. That is below.

Thank you LinkedIn!

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