Angela Zheng’s PwC Elevate Experience!

Angela Zheng’s PwC Elevate Experience!

Angela’s PwC Elevate Experience

Take a moment and think about the word “accounting”. What do you think of when you think of the career?

I think of people dressed in grey suits sitting in cubicles crunching numbers on a computer by themselves. Maybe that’s because all of my previous knowledge of accounting is through Parks and Recreation.

Regardless, I would have never thought that the career would be stimulating or team-based. But if I’ve learned anything from my experiences at Elevate at PwC, I would know that that is far from the truth. They’re so focused on creating a supportive environment, within individual teams and the company as a whole; you always feel as though you’re heard. 

Rupert, Solomon, & Alexandria Dusauzay and Angela Zheng. All 4 are PricewaterhouseCoopers Interns.

Over the two days, they covered the main initiatives that they’re about: Be well, Work well, Diversity and Inclusion, and Digital Upskilling. And we even got a special talk from Senior Partner and Chairman, Tim Ryan.

We also participated in a variety of team-building activities with other students and PwC professionals alike.  We built a robot together in small groups; we cooked dinner for each other; we meditated together; we shared a fears and obstacles with each other and broke through it while cheering each other on. 

Ultimately, I learned that PwC is truly about teamwork, health and wellness, inclusion, and infinite learning; all elements that are important to me. I can’t wait to see what’s in store next summer during the actual internship!

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