PricewaterhouseCoopers Partner visits the DVC Finance Club

PricewaterhouseCoopers Partner visits the DVC Finance Club

I was extremely happy when I saw that the DVC Finance Club wanted to invite my newly discovered cousin, PwC partner Rich Johnson and PwC Senior Associate Jing Li to come and speak about their careers in Accounting and specifically PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Rich and Jing are both “tax” guys in their San Jose Silicon Valley office.  That office deals primarily with tech companies in the Valley.  They have worked with Google and other high-profile tech companies. 

They emphasized how Big 4 firms like PwC are very conservative and extremely cautious in their dealings with their clients.  They are constantly learning new information that will bring value to their clients.  Rich shared with the club about what it takes to become successful at PwC.  He emphasized about how they had to constantly monitor their career and always and be thirsty for knowledge that will make them invaluable to their clients.  If they don’t bring value, they won’t be able to generate revenue for the firm.

Rich was very instrumental in encouraging and mentoring four of our interns for the summer of 2019.  He along with Jing and I meet with three of the Dusauzay Quadruplets, Rupert, Solomon, and Alexandria along with Angela Zheng.  Also in attendance was TSS Junior Board member and DVC Finance Club Co-President, Luis Cortes.

Jing came to PwC from China and went to University of Oregon where Rich recruited him to PwC.  He was able to build a lifelong relationship with his mentor Rich.  Jing explained his good fortune to be able to join PwC with the added complication of being an international student.  Jing could really relate to our interns from his experiences advancing his career path as a college student.

Rich and I found each other nearly two years ago after discovering that we were related via Ancestry DNA.  When I saw that he was a match (5th Generation) I decided to contact him since he too lived in the Bay Area.  Little did I know that I would not only find a new cousin but also a good friend.  Every time we see each other we check our DNA.

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