Our Cinco De Mayo Trip To Penserra

Our Cinco De Mayo Trip To Penserra

– Taha Khan, TSS Intern/Junior Board Member

On Thursday, May 2nd, we had the opportunity to visit the Penserra Securities office in Orinda, CA to join them for a very special occasion. Penserra had actually invited us, as well as many other industry professionals, to a social gathering featuring amazing food, weather, and networking opportunities.

I had arrived early and tried to make myself at home while I waited for my comrades. Under the instruction of our beloved Michael Campbell, I was told to go inside and greet our hosts. I had the pleasure of meeting with Ashley and Annette of Penserra, who were more than happy to welcome me and ask me for help.

I was instructed to look up a video on how to tap a keg, as no one currently in the office knew how. Eventually, we realized that the system to pull alcohol out of the keg was broken and I was recommended to go outside and help out with setting up the food.

Soon enough, my friends from TSS Greg Carmel and Howard Li were able to come and we started discussing about future projects and ideas we had for our upcoming semester together. Finally, the men of the hour arrived, our friends George Madrigal, George Schmilinsky, and Michael Campbell. The event was underway!

We helped ourselves to the lovely spread of food, featuring tacos, chips, and a lovely pico de gallo. The event also had alcohol for the adults, and a sweet horchata for anyone who did not drink alcohol.

After we finished eating, we used the time to network with a lot of the industry professionals at the event. I used the time to thank George and Penserra for hosting the event, as well as thanking him for coming to Diablo Valley College to speak to our Finance Club. I was happy to meet industry professionals across various fields such as venture capitalists, and fintech.

During the peak of the event, we made an announcement about the Street Smarts, our mission, goals, and what people could do to help. I was one of the people tasked with taking donations and I am very happy to say that people were more than willing to donate to our cause and learn more about underrepresented groups in the world of finance.

We wrapped the event up by meeting more people, drinking more horchata, and having a great time in general.

I would like to personally thank the people at Penserra for setting up such an amazing event again. They did their best to make me feel welcome and at home, even with my very casual attire.

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