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The Street Smarts

TSS provides a unique conduit for qualified, ambitious, and underrepresented young professionals

Discover career opportunities available in Finance and Accounting.

Join Accounting Program

The Street Smarts welcomes all students who are interested in pursuing careers in Accounting. We are partnering with The SF Chapter of The Black Accounting Association on their Community College initiative.

Partner With TSS

The Street Smarts is looking for partners who believe in diversity and inclusion. You can mentor students, host workshops, or give our students a tour of your office.

Sponsor a Scholar

We are actively looking for sponsors who can help
us with stipends for our students whose placement
is unable to compensate them.

What our scholars are saying

I cannot recommend TSS enough. The team (I would even say family), the doors that have been opened, and the connections I have made have been incredible. Thank you TSS and Michael!
Ben Consoli
"It was imperative that I learned how to take in information.  I learned to process it quickly, efficiently, and utilize it to meet the goals of the firm. I learned about stocks, ROI, capital markets, the list is endless.”
Khari Campbell-Wright

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