Finance program

TSS Finance program

The Street Smarts Financial Internships

The Streets Smarts Financial internship program was created in 2017.  The young men above were the first class. 

All of those Scholars have graduated and three of them are in the industry, one is getting his Master’s in Accounting. Cameron has decided to go down the entrepreneur route.

The Street Smarts Scholars Internship Path I 

This program is for high finance placements who are interested in careers in Investment Banking, Private Equity, Wealth Management, and Hedge Funds.

TSS will provide financial training prior to their placements.  We will bring them up to speed on terminology, their Microsoft Excel competency, and other financial programs.

We have established the following criteria for acceptance into the TSS Scholars Level one internships:

  • GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • Of good character
  • An interest in finance, economics, or mathematics
  • Self starting 
  • Attention to detail
To find out more about our Financial Training and our partners at Wall Street Bound click here: 


To visit Wall Street Bound click on their logo below.

The Street Smarts Scholars Internship Path 2 

There are many careers in finance that are available in non financial companies.  Here are a few example of careers utilizing financial management skills:

Sales/Business Development

Startup Company/Entrepreneurial Role

Analyst/Associate for Nonprofit Organizations

Finance Officer in the Military

Financial Analyst for a Government Agency


Firms that would interested in these kinds of interns.

  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Common Sense Media
  • California Bank & Trust
  • San Francisco Federal Reserve

Please follow the link to apply for a Finance or Accounting Internship 

All internships are either paid by firm placing you or you will receive a stipend from TSS.

In addition to training TSS provides our Scholars with field trips like those below to CalPERS in Sacramento and to UC Davis.

We even had a chance to visit LinkedIn in San Francisco.

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