About The Street Smarts

TSS provides a unique conduit for qualified, ambitious, and underrepresented young professionals

Discover career opportunities available in Finance and Accounting.

The Street Smarts (TSS) is an Oakland based nonprofit founded by Executive Director, Michael D. Campbell in June of 2016. The Board of Directors are:   Nicol Blakely, Paola Garcia Abbo, Anand Desai, Frank Zhang, Linda Cornett, and Shinda Bickham.

TSS had its roots in an informal financial internship program started by Mike Wilkins, Managing Partner at Kingsford Capital, a short-based hedge fund in Point Richmond, California.  Initially, Mr. Wilkins invited a rising senior at Berkeley High, Khari Campbell-Wright, son of TSS’s Founder, Michael Campbell, and two college students from The University of California-Berkeley. The success of the internship inspired Campbell to create a formal non-profit organization aimed at introducing finance to groups of youth from historically underserved communities.

After four years of existence, TSS has augmented our product offerings to include students who are interested in Accounting. We have placed 6 interns at PricewaterhouseCoopers for the summer of 2020. In addition we have 7 interns at Ernst & Young. We currently are working with over 50 potential TSS Scholars.

Managing Partner, Mike Wilkins took a hands-on approach with Khari and the other intern, Frank Zhang, of Dover in San Francisco. Their supervisor was Cameron Kirby, who is now Director of Strategic Projects at Clear Channel in New York.

It was obvious from Khari’s experience how much the program had influenced the outlook and focus of his career aspirations.  His level of maturity and confidence which was already high, soared. He learned how to function in a fast-paced professional environment. He was able to learn more about responsibility and enhance his determination for success. Khari lived 30 miles from Kingsford Capital and his day started at 6:00am.

TSS Finance Academies program specifics

The TSS Finance Academy Curriculum consists of:

The Street Smarts Core Values

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